Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Track / Car Research

My main influences and reference imagery for the track come from four main videogames. I have been looking at the props around the track, the textures used for the props and track and will further research the techniques used to texture the models. I am also considering the techniques used to cut down render times.

GranTurismo 5

In this particluar example I have also been looking at the smoke effects created from the car.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

Motorstorm's tracks are created on the terrain. There is also possible interaction with the props next to the track. The textures on quite a few of the motorstorm tracks will be studied more in depth as there are lots of dry areas as well as jungle areas within the game.


Blur uses more vibrant colours around it's track and I like the integration of this. I also feel that Blur has got a lot of depth to it's tracks from the use of tall buildings and flowing power lines. Although these props aren't what I intend to put into my own design I would like to bring depth to the track in places.

Need For Speed

Need for Speed has a more natural use of brighter colours which I like.

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